Leadership & Staff

Dr. Daryl G. Morrison, Sr. DD

Lead/Senior Pastor

Pastor Daryl is the Lead Pastor of Emmanuel Temple Church. He is Married to Dr. Cheree Morrison for almost 40 years. They Share 3 Children Alesha, Alexis, & Daryl (Glen) Jr. and is the Grandfather to 3 Grandchildren. He enjoys bringing the word of God on Sunday's and is passionate about winning souls for Christ. His vision is to expand the ministry beyond the four walls of the church. He believes the appreciation for tradition creates a foundation for growth as the ministry continues to Progress to meet the needs of all people of different backgrounds and ethnicities.

Favorite Hobbies: Swimming, Cooking, Eating, Playing with his Grandchildren
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Candy: Reeses

Dr. Cheree Morrison, Ed.D.

First Lady/Co-Pastor (Head of Secretarial Staff)

Lady Cheree is the beautiful wife of Pastor Daryl for just shy of 40 years. She is a hard worker in the ministry maintaining her own identity and responsibilities in the church, all the while upholding and undergirding her husband in the spiritual responsibilities of the ministry.
Lady Cheree also oversees the donations that come into the church. Donations such as tithes, offering, and grant funding.

Favorite Hobbies: Reading & Learning New Things, Playing with her Grandchildren
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Candy: Twizzlers, Dark Chocolate

Glen Morrison, Jr.

Executive Pastor/Worship Pastor

Pastor Glen is a representation of the next generation of our ministry. He sticks close to Pastor Daryl as his assistant. His responsibilities include event planning, marketing and branding, as well as thinking of revolutionary ways to carry out the vision of the Pastor. He also Serves as the head of our music department at ET as well.  His Vision is to win back the souls of the Men in our community which would later result in family reconciliation and rebuilding for the future of our church, our community, and humanity as a whole.

Favorite Hobbies: Swimming, Basketball, Spending time on the Lake, Cooking, Eating, Discovering New Technology
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Candy: Carmello, Kit-Kat, Milky Way

Larry Hemingway, Sr.

Associate Pastor

Serves as the director of Men's Spiritual Leadership. He also serves as our community Liaison for the purpose of Growth and outreach to our Community.

Dr. Alesha Morrison Ed. D.

Director of Non Profit Advocacy & Philanthropy / Secretary II

Serves as our Director of Non Profit Advocacy & Philanthropy. Alesha deals with our  501C pertaining to Grant writing and Funding for our ministry to fulfill the vision and mission of our Senior Pastor, Pastoral Staff, and Ministry as a whole. These funds allow us to better serve our Community in the Spiritual responsibility of Generosity concerning God's People.