Our Church History

Emmanuel Temple. was organized by the late Bishop, Founder and Pastor, Dr. Juan Larue Morrison Sr., Ph.D. & Lady Clementine Lorraine Morrison on November 6, 1984.  The first organized worship service was held in the home of the Pastor & Mother Morrison.  There were twelve adults present, including the Pastor, his wife, and children.  After a few services at the home of the Pastor, the small group moved to a storefront building, a former sausage factory, at 1332 East Ash Street.  While at that location, there were a variety of services, including, revivals, musicals, and drama productions and fashion shows.  The Lord added to the church daily.  Also, while at the storefront building, the Pastor had a vision to purchase two lots on which to build a permanent structure.  His goal was to move into a new building within one year.  With the divine direction of God and with the help of the church membership this goal was accomplished.  In November of 1985 the church membership marched form the storefront building to the new building., a “church.”
     The Lord continued to bless the ministry, souls were saved, bodies, were healed, and minds were renewed.  With a growing ministry, the Pastor’s vision broadened.  God blessed the church to purchase six more lots, and in 1995 the Pastor and the Church built an over 5,000 square foot sanctuary with a seating capacity over 650.  Pastor Daryl Morrison helped with each phase of the various budling projects alongside his father. With the addition of the new sanctuary, the needed space for the Emmanuel Temple Child Development Center was provided.  The Emmanuel Temple Child Development Center was directed by Mother Morrison for children 2-6.
A 5000 sq foot family life center and gymnasium was erected and opened in 2005 to was built and the family life center opened in 2005 to help with the overall mission but extending the mission to expand community programs. The mission of the center is to provide community support in the form of sponsorships, fellowships, and other activities, to the community at large, but with a focus on the hopeless and less fortunate members within the community. The center provides these services through its facility which contains a conference room and a gymnasium, kitchen, restrooms, office space all used for the purpose of hosting free dinners, gatherings, and athletic events, and educational events for the community.
     Along with the Pastor’s responsibilities of the Church, the Pastor was blessed to retire from Lincoln Land Community College as a Professor of Psychology in December 2003.  The Pastor has been a Superintendent and First Administrative Assistant in the Central Il. Jurisdiction of the C.O.G.I.C. Inc. and was President of the Springfield C.O.G.I.C. Ministerial Alliance and was Overseer of the Il. South Central Fellowship until his appointment as Bishop of Central IL Jurisdiction. He was consecrated as Bishop, Nov 7, 2011, in St. Louis, Mo. At that time, Pastor Daryl Morrison chaired a Banquet will be held in his honor, Dec 2, 2011, at the Springfield Hilton to celebrate this great appointment. The Presiding Bishop, Charles Edward Blake was the keynote speaker. Our current presiding Bishop, J. Drew Sheard was the MC and Lady Karen Clark Sheard was the guest soloist. With all of these responsibilities, the Pastor was a man of vision for the people of God. Bishop Morrison was emeritized in July of 2021 and transitioned March 2, 2022, and we pray that God continues to unfold the vision through Pastor Daryl Morrison, second in succession, “A Man with A Vision for the 21st Century.”
Pastor Daryl G. Morrison Sr., MBA, D.D.
The history of Emmanuel Temple continues through Dr. Daryl G. Morrison Sr., the current Senior Pastor of Emmanuel Temple Church, and CEO of the Emmanuel Temple Family Life Center (ETFLC) in Springfield, Illinois. He has served as Assistant and Co-Pastor at Emmanuel Temple Ministries since it was founded in 1984. Pastor Daryl Morrison was ordained at the age of 23. Over the years, Pastor has served as Sunday School Superintendent, Chairperson for the Annual Anniversary Committee, and closest advisor to Bishop. Pastor has served at the district level and as the Bishop’s Episcopal Adjutant and currently serves as the Jurisdictional Secretary. He has served in these jurisdictional capacities for the past 12 years serving 23 churches. Pastor Daryl lead a yearlong weekly prayer that encompasses the 23 churches to help maintain hope and spiritual leadership during this transitional time for the jurisdiction. He is also an author of the book entitled, “Faith Without a Voice.” In 2017, Pastor Daryl, had a tumor removed from his right thyroid gland and during that surgery the nerve to his vocal cord was damaged. This left his voice at a whisper. After enduring surgery after surgery with implants to correct his voice, during that time he wrote a book, “Faith Without a Voice.” This book tells of his ordeal and experiences from a spiritual standpoint to encourage others to never give up on God. As a person that needed his voice for his career as a lobbyist but also for his calling as a Preacher and Teachers of the Gospel, it is a testament of his faith in God!
Pastor Daryl Morrison was born the youngest son of three children to the late Bishop, Dr. Juan and Lady Clementine Morrison and is a twin to his sister Cheryl in Springfield, Illinois on February 4, 1967.  Juan Jr is his older brother. Pastor Daryl Morrison is the devoted husband of Dr. Cheree Morrison (37 years) and the loving father of three adult children: Dr. Alesha Morrison, Ms. Alexis Morrison and Assistant Pastor Daryl Glen Morrison, Jr. (wife Jada). Pastor Daryl and Dr. Cheree are blessed to have 3 grandchildren.
Pastor Morrison’s academic and professional background includes several years in education teaching at the community college level as well as serving as an Agency and Policy Relations Director and as a lobbyist.  Pastor Morrison has served on several community boards such as Illinois Educators Credit Union, Land of Lincoln United Way, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes to name a few.  Pastor Morrison earned a Bachelor of Science in Child Family and Community Service from University of Illinois at Springfield, and a Master of Business Administration from National Louis University.  Pastor received his honorary Doctor of Divinity, from TIU.
During his tenure, Pastor Daryl Morrison has served as general contractor in the 3 phases of the building since its inception in 1984. In the past few years, he has led the church in the renovation of its main sanctuary as well as various significant maintenance for projects such as the upgrading of the restrooms, gymnasium, administrative offices to name a few. During this tenure, he has led the church in upgrading the technological infrastructure of the church to serve the homebound and those virtual members and viewers in worship on a weekly basis. In addition to this, Pastor served as a lead advisor for grants written to serve and deliver in excess of 100 families with groceries as well as allowing the church through his leadership to serve as a health site thus serving in excess of 200 individuals.
Through his innovative and creative nature, he worked to put employees in need to work part time, while allowing them to also give back by working to serve the community at large. He is currently working to upgrade the family life center at his local church to provide an after school safe haven for youth, sponsor senior seminars and socials to add value to the lives of those senior citizens in the community. Pastor Daryl is committed to growing a comprehensive ministry to serve the whole family and to win souls for Christ. The best is yet to come with God at the forefront.